2024 Cadillac XT6 Safety Features

Safety features of the 2024 Cadillac XT6

How the All-New 2024 Cadillac XT6 Prioritizes Passenger Safety With Its Intelligent Safety Features

When naming the industry’s top luxury, robust and safe family-size SUVs, one cannot skip adding the Cadillac XT6 to the list. The XT6 is a future-forward SUV that embraces a comprehensive array of contemporary features to promise top-tier comfort, superior relaxation and capable performance. Its 2024 model lineup has three trim options to choose from, each embracing unique features to match your needs. But one thing that comes standard to all trim levels is the Cadillac Smart System, which is committed to keeping you and everyone around safe. Continue reading to learn further how the 2024 XT6 delivers top-edge on-road safety with its intelligent Cadillac Smart System. 

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Cadillac Smart System 

This is an advanced suite of well-thought-out safety and driver-assistance features that gives the drivers added confidence to drive safely during tricky road and driving situations, as well as keep the passengers and everyone around on the road safe from potential threats. The safety and security features that come standard on the Cadillac Smart System are divided into four categories:

  • Emergency Braking: consists of Front Passenger Braking and Automatic Emergency Braking; both of these emergency braking systems avoid or reduce the severity of a collision with a pedestrian or nearby vehicle by sending the necessary audiovisual alerts to the driver. These systems provide hard emergency braking or enhance the hard braking if needed. 
  • Alerts: features Forward Collision Alert that warns the drivers of potential front collision with the SUV so they can quickly get into action to avoid potential accidents. Another safety feature that comes within this category is the Safety Alert Seat, which utilizes left, right and both-side driver seat vibration pulses to help you identify the potential crash direction and take the necessary action quickly. 
  • Parking Assistance: helps you park or in general, maneuver the SUV confidently with the help of the Rear Park Assist feature and HD Rear Vision Camera. The built-in camera showcases high-definition digital images of your surroundings to help you get through challenging and/or confined spaces conveniently.
  • Monitoring: embraces features like Teen Driver and Vehicle Diagnostics to help you stay updated with the performance of the 2024 XT6, in general, and when a teen or new driver drives it. 

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