How Cadillac is Stepping Into the Future with its Unique Concept Vehicle Portfolio

Cadillac Unique Concept Vehicles Cadillac promises effortless travel with unique concept vehicles, featuring extraordinary design, capabilities and state-of-the-art advancements. The wide range of electric vehicles, featuring a coupe, recreational vehicle, personal autonomous vehicle (PAV) and sedan, fulfills your individual needs with its superior luxury and customization. Cadillac concept vehicles are divided into three types — Innerspace, SocialSpace and PersonalSpace; each type features different capacity vehicles. Continue reading to learn more about these concept vehicles with the experienced team of product specialists at Highland Cadillac

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The InnerSpace style is a distinctive two-passenger coupe with highly integrated technologies, to deliver a curated luxury experience. With signature Cadillac vertical lights, roof rails and low profile floor, the InnerSpace coupe demands the attention of onlookers. Additionally, for an immersive sound experience and healing tones, this luxury electric coupe features a 360-degree sound profile. It also embraces a wraparound SMD panoramic LED screen with biometric input to keep the passengers well-informed and entertained. 


Comfortably accommodating up to six passengers, the SocialSpace is an autonomous electric vehicle that brings your living room comfort to wheels. It is a perfect family-friendly vehicle with lavish amenities and technological innovations, promising an intuitive on-road experience. On the inside, the EV is equipped with multiple biometric sensors to interpret passengers’ vital signals to adjust the interior temperature, ambient noise and humidity accordingly. It even releases aromas to match the passenger’s needs. 


Redefining your on-road experience, the PersonalSpace is a one-seat autonomous electric vehicle with the all-time best luxury amenities. PersonalSpace rides on a 90 kWh EV motor and six anode batteries for a highly-efficient performance. It also promises an intuitive and integrated onboard experience with semi-private doors and sides, an augmented reality head-up display and a touch-sensitive system. With its throne-like seating, a walnut ceiling and floor, 3D knit textiles and a panoramic glass window, the one-passenger EV creates a luxurious abode with a top-tier comfort level. 

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